Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011 Progesterone Results

I pick up my phone, dial RE's office--ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ........ finally someone answers! So I tell them my DOB, name, blah blah ask for my lab results. "Miss, what is progesterone." are you serious? anyways.. moving on "um Mom, I mean ma'm, that is a special test, and results won't be in until next week. It says its still in process." "excuse me, no I get the results the next day every month, its a simple test." "Ma'm, no its a special test and I'd wait a few days and call back." "ok, so I'll call back in a few hours." And I hung up! I was so frustrated. Why do they put people on the phones in doctor's offices that don't know a darn thing about anything? At least make them study medical terminology for Christ's sake!!!

Well, while I was on a long phone conversation with my daddy in Texas, I got a call back. This time it was a nurse. I guess the results came in, of course they did!!! Same message from the nurse as each month "Hi, Dr. K wanted me to let you know that your progesterone results indicated that you DID ovulate this month, and to start Clomid this time on CD 3-7, and get DH to get a S/A asap." "Thanks, can you pull up my lab results on your system? I'd like to know the number on the progesterone level" wait... wait...
I ovulated good this time! I was so relieved. I've of course been googling that number, it's not extremely high, but it's definitely well above 10. That made my afternoon much better than the frustration I was feeling this morning, and gave me some hope.

BBs don't hurt as bad today, still kind of tired... and pretty hungry. Scratchy throat this morning that went away in a few hours...going to the bathroom several times an hour...
It all sounds like pregnancy, doesn't it? hahahaha, if only everything else didn't mimic pregnancy. I'm going to wait to test till I'm late. I have to wait this time! I can't keep looking at those BFNs! (knowing me I won't hold out that long...sigh.)


  1. Yipee. Hopefully this was the cycle.

  2. YAY! I just got my progesterone drawn today! I am hoping for good results too! Praying that this is the month for you1 :-)


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