Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching up a bit

Day 21 - If you had gotten pregnant that first month you started trying, how would you have been a different parent? What changes have you made to your parenting style (either current or future) in the time you spent trying to conceive?

I would not have known the struggles, and taken for granted God's gift of life. I think I would be pretty much the same parent, but maybe now I will take in every single little thing if I get pregnant and raise a child. I think I will appreciate being a mother to them so much more than before and cherish each second as they grow up.

Day 22 - What was the first baby or pregnancy-related purchase you ever made? Was it before or after you started trying to conceive? Or was it after you were already pregnant?  Why did you choose that particular item to buy first? If you haven’t purchased anything yet, why not?

I think my post from two days ago explains this one.

Day 23 - Talk about how you chose your RE.

I did not choose him, my Primary Doc referred me to specifically him because she trusts him and knows how compassionate he is towards each patient. I am always grateful to her for this.

Day 24 - If a very observant stranger were to walk into your house, what clues could lead them to believe that you have struggled with infertility?

The clues would be: prenatals, robitussin, baby aspirin next to my bed. The Fertility tea in my drawer in the kitchen, which I drink every day. The stack of HPT's in my bathroom cabinet, and the fact that there is no nursery set up in my house but all of these things around...just might give them a clue.

Day 25 - Have you ever bonded with someone IRL over infertility?
My mother in law has come to me and told me her struggles for 10 years with infertility. I have been able to go to her, which I never thought I would be able to. She sits, listens, supports, and laughs about the funny things I try to do. She truly is a blessing in my life!

Day 26 - Were you the product of infertility? Was anyone you know the product of infertility? How do you know? Or do you just suspect based on circumstances like age differences between siblings, time between marriage and conception, etc.

I'm pretty sure I was not. But my husband is. My mother in law tried to have a child for ten years and turned to adoption. DH's older sister came home first, and then a few years later they had the opportunity to adopt my husband at birth. About a year into our dating--I was able to find my DH's birth mother after he had been looking for many years, and they now have a wonderful relationship too!!! He even got to dance with both moms at our wedding <3

Day 27 - Talk about a time when you made someone in your life understand more about infertility.
I think so many people out there are very uneducated, and infertility is still a very quiet disease. I have been pretty open with most of my friends about my struggles and have been able to teach a lot of them how to track their cycles, temp, notice ovulation and explain things they never did in sex ed! hahaha. I am so glad I feel open enough to speak about my infertility struggles because I have gotten to know some amazing women around the country who know, feel and live my struggles and we are able to support each other daily. I am also proud it has brought some of us to the point to starting a Non Profit Organization for PCOS awareness and support.

Day 28 - What do you use the “nursery” for right now? If you already had a baby, what did you use it for before pregnancy?

Well, originally when we moved in, we set up the room for DH's son--but things went very sour very fast and my stepson was never here at our home...so we decided to rent the room out, and were able to do that for a while and now it is a guest room and my good friend is staying in there while her parent's house is being remodeled. So, I guess you can say it is a guest room! My office is still close to our room but not right next to it, so I don't think we would turn that into a nursery...I'd be too afraid of the baby being "too far" from me!!


  1. I love reading these challenges, so awesome! I wish I had some answers to these type of questions, I'd totally join!

  2. Cuteloop, join in! You are welcome! Every answer is special and to each their own. I'd love to see your answers!!! the first fifteen or so are personal! Your journey is just as validated as mine, although different. I heart you!


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