Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday afternoon musings...

The past couple of days have been pretty good. I got a letter from my little brother who is in boot camp for the Navy!!!!! I miss talking to him so much and listening to his raps! It truly made my day soooo amazing!!!

Also, yesterday my dear, wonderful husband decided to add to our family yet again. (I know I can't give him babies right now, but he can not stop bringing home the cutest animals...ack!) I love these two dearly, but still have to get used to them. Our dear Widget ran away during construction on December 28th...and since then we have only had one little dog, except for the few weeks of dog sitting last month. Well, as my husband was browsing on craigslist--he noticed two pure bred Shih Tzu puppies were being given away. They were brother and sister, and came with EVERYTHING. Literally EVERYTHING (numerous beds, kennels, food, toys, blankets, treats, etc) for free. They are fixed and updated on shots. House Trained. (supposedly) Well, he just couldn't say no, and I told him it was okay. They are adorable. Ginger(left) and Tommy Boy(right). I still have to get used to three little dogs running around my feet, they were overly excited and in a new environment yesterday so they left a few presents around the house, but have been pretty good since. I'm just sad because I know my husband really wants a child, and I have to tell him to stop bringing animals and fishies home!

Today our little niece came over for a little bit, it was pretty fun to have her around again! She LOVED the doggies and that is all she was saying "doggie..go...doggie...doggie!!!"
DH reading to our niece on his Nook!
Niece asleep in my arms.

I have been kind of laid back but kind of emotional at the same time. Pretty calm, but tearful about a lot, which is pretty normal for me at this point in my cycle.

Symptoms the past few days:

  • occasional breast pain.
  • increased CM
  • occasional heart burn
  • some sharp cramping under my belly button and near ovaries.
According to online generators, I "might have" ovulated around the 8th and should implant around today or tomorrow if conception was successful. I feel my body doesn't go by these generators. And, only God knows (without monitoring by doctors or using OPK's, of course) if I ovulated on my own. 
I might go get a test on Saturday, but not too sure if I really want to. We will see!!

DH is going out to dinner with his good friend tonight, and I'm totally stoked to get to curl up to Netflix, with my pj's on... grab some snacks and as DH puts it "have my crying ritual" hahahaha. Alone time is absolutely amazing sometimes!

Congrats to my IF blogger sisters who recently got your BFP's!!! 


  1. Ahhhh....alone time! Sometimes I hate it. Others...what a blessing it can be!

  2. Awww what cute puppies and your niece :) So glad you got to hear from your brother too! I bet that made for a great day!

  3. I LOVE your new puppies!!!! I have an almost 5-year-old shih tzu that looks exactly like Ginger! I just love him so much. Such a wonderful breed of dog! I'm so happy those sweeties ended up in your home. I've read sooo many horror stories of dogs being given away for free on Craigslist ending up in horrifying situations, so God bless you for taking these 2 in!! I'm so sorry about your dog running away :(


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