Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 30--Finally!

Day 30- Tell us about a friendship you lost or a relationship that changed for the worse because of infertility:

A lot of my IF friends know right now that I lost a friendship/sisterhood recently due to a very personal struggle I had with a choice she made. I recently learned that she is avidly TTC now, and I'm worried and sad that we are doing it separately. I almost feel like she is doing it to "beat me to it" because of the timing, but that could just be my own personal sadness or emotions taking over. Anyone and everyone who tells me I'm whining and complaining about my IF journey has to go. I hope to work it out someday with her specifically but the others that I have had to get out of my life--WILL not come back. I've had several women now say those things to me and then laugh in my face and say "I will get pregnant before you! You forget my body works better than yours!!!" I don't get how anyone can become that spiteful, hurtful and just idiotic. It is amazing that here I am almost 28 years old and people are acting like they are 14 years old...this isn't a game! This is bringing a child into your life, for the rest of your life. EVERYTHING will change. You have to be committed for LIFE. I hope that I don't keep losing "friends" but to tell you the truth, they probably aren't real friends if they keep saying things like that.

IF is such an emotionally draining journey and tougher than anyone will know unless they have gone through it. Please, everyone... be supportive--and never, ever put a woman going through IF down about their journey. 

YAY!!! I actually finished that challenge! I actually finished SOMETHING!

Ok, so generators and websites tell me I might have ovulated yesterday, but I swear 3 days ago I did. Who knows, I didn't use OPK's this cycle and I'm leery about using them anyways because with PCOS they can give you false readings. I will know more about my cycles when I get back to my RE! Some symptoms that led me to believe I might have ovulated this month are:
  • swollen bbs and poofy nipples
  • bloating
  • gassy
  • diarrhea
  • moody
  • sharp cramps on BOTH sides
  • Super hungry
As I look back on the months I've tracked symptoms, these seem to be pretty common for me as an indicator of ovulation. I sure hope my body released an egg on it's own this month! That would be a success to ovulate without medication assisting it! Fingers crossed for a successful cycle, whether that results in a BFP or AF arriving on her own and on time! Good luck to all you ttc'ers and baby dust to ALL of you! 
Guess I'm in the 2ww now.

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  1. No good on the fighting with family thing and the feeling you're in a competition *hugs* but yay on possibly ovulating!


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