Sunday, February 12, 2012


As you can see, I have been busy making a lot of changes to my blog. I am, of course trying to learn how to use blogger better, and how to be a better blogger!

You can navigate through the "tabs" above, as I have added our TTC timeline, and an "About Us". You can also scroll down and on the right hand side, there is a list of some of the blogs I follow, if you are interested in finding more blogs to read!

Feel free to let me know what you think of it, or give tips and advice. I'm practicing for our up and coming non profit, as I will be in charge of our professional blog and this has me extremely excited!!!

As for me:
Hunger has subsided, almost completely...I was starving for days no matter what I did, now I have absolutely no appetite whatsoever. Strange???
I've had a few cramps, insomnia and breast pain but nothing huge.
I will keep everyone updated for sure! I did not purchase any hpt's this cycle.. and hope to keep myself from purchasing any until around the 20th, a few days before AF is due. Ideally, I would love to wait as long as possible to see if AF doesn't show up, and then test. But, we all know what kind of POAS addict I am!!!


  1. I love the new look!! It's Fabulous! & hoping AF stays away!!

  2. Blog looks wonderful, Amy! Thanks for inspiring me to "pretty-fy" mine, also! I can't wait for you to start the 1in10 blog. I'm SO excited about this! Glad your 1in10 link is working!!!

  3. I love what you have done with your blog. I want to know how you did the header thing?

    1. go to tutorials.. and there is an easy to follow video on there!

  4. LOVE the new look of your Blog! Definitely a keeper! Your picture is soooo adorable! :)


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