Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick Sunday Morning Post:

Will catch up my blog challenge soon.
Yet again, life is busy!
Got to thinking about my post a few months ago: Cheri22, the psychic? Remember? She said she saw October, boy. October being the month I conceive, find out in, or give birth in. Well, if it was the latter, I'd have to get pregnant this cycle for a little baby to be born in October :) We're un-medicated (as far as Fertility treatments go) again, but I'm trying the pre-conception tea, taking prenatals and robitussin! If this cycle does not work (most likely will not) DH and I have prayed and talked about it and decided a few weeks ago that we are ready to go back on treatments!!!! It has been a good break from so many doctors visits, treatments, and stress. It has been good for our marriage, and I think we are stronger and more ready for the road ahead. We want to thank everyone for their support all along!

Today is Superbowl Sunday!!!
Totally not into NFL, so DH and I are going to NOT pig out in front of the t.v. and we ARE going to get out, get some exercise, and explore!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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