Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So we can all agree

That I am not good at doing daily blog challenges. I fall so far behind! I will try to catch up, and that will be in the next post.

I do want to make something clear on here first...

I know that my blog is public. I prayed about the decision to make it private, but felt it can reach more women going through IF if I kept it public. Now, I do cost myself privacy from those people who are in my life or WERE in my life that I don't really want to know my personal business. I know I take that risk but this blog is not for me to just sit and write down only for myself. This blog is out there for women going through this journey to know they are not alone. That is important to me. I just ask those of you that read this blog that DO know me personally--please keep it to yourself. Please? I am so tired of feeling nervous every time I post--thinking rumors will be started (which has happened when someone went to my inlaws) and I don't need that in this journey and I would hope you respect that I am publicly wearing my heart on my sleeve on this blog and be sensitive to that. I do have a widget on my blog that lets me know where everyone is who reads my blog---so I know who reads it, and that is why I am posting this.

Ok, onto the next post!!!!


  1. I feel like I want to make my blog private sometimes. I would post a lot more stuff if I knew certain people could not see it.

    1. Same here, I'd post A LOT more...if you ever go private or start a new one, let me know <3 HOpe the triplets are doing good!

  2. I hope no one who doesn't care about you and what you have to say, even looks at your page! It should be somewhere sacred to you and people should care enough to respect that. I feel the same way, there are things I would like to say sometimes but fear who might see it. But props to you for going public, I think it's great because I agree that word can get to more people going through IF :)

  3. I think you have every right to say whatever you want, it's YOUR BLOG, not someone else's. And if they don't like it, then they can go somewhere else, obviously this isn't the right place for them. :-) *hugs*

  4. I completely agree with Wendy. If people don't like what you have to say, they don't have to read it. There's no "blog fairy" that magically takes them to your blog. They have to make the conscious choice to go to your page and read it. I think you are doing a brave and wonderful thing by sharing this part of you. It's a very hard decision to make - opening up like this. It's taken me years to finally put up a post. Would I like it if I knew that certain people weren't going to find it and read it? Sure. But, when I think of the amount of women I could possibly reach and compare that with the few "bad apples" the good always outweighs the bad. Keep doing what you do, Amy. It's one of the MANY reasons why we all love you! **HUGS**


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