Monday, February 20, 2012


Just wanted to let everyone know that I may be MIA for a couple of weeks.

Laptop experienced a crash, Toshiba taking fault and will fix for free (minus shipping--which is okay because it is so much better than having to pay another grand for a laptop!) I have got to ship it off this week, and should expect it back in ten days after shipping it. It's unfortunate, and just not happening at a great time! Life happens right??

Yesterday was a trip to the hospital :( Poor DH. We thought he had appendicitis. Even doctors were convinced, but after a CT Scan, and xrays... we discovered he has Crohn's Disease. We are thankful for not needing surgery yesterday and grateful for all of the prayers we recieved from loved ones. He is still weak and resting, but should recover pretty quick. We are learning all about the disease and about treatments and going to learn to live a new lifestyle!

Poor guy was in a lot of pain!!!

I will periodically jump on whatever device I can and try to update you guys in the next two weeks!! Sticky baby dust to all my IF sisters out there!!!


  1. my thoughts are with you and your DH during this time. take all the time you need, your personal life is way more important then blogger!! <3

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your DH having that diagnosis. I had a friend once that had that and I know it made life quite difficult at times. I will be keeping you guys in my prayers. Keep strong. We will wait to hear from you when you return. *hugs*

  3. I'm glad that Toshiba is accepting responsibility for the crash! And, I'm glad that Robert didn't need surgery. Don't forget to take care of YOU, too :o) By the way, I figured out why I show up in Texas - it's my USB modem hehe. Weird, huh? **BIG HUGS** and lots of prayers to you and your hubby.

  4. Glad he didn't have to have surgery but wish he didn't have Crohn's either. I will miss hearing about your life but I'm sure the weeks will go by fast.


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